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Cider Mill 

We use only the finest quality apples to produce our high quality Cider. Our cider never has preservatives added, just pure apples!
Where to find our cider 

Open and pressing enjoy the finest of cider at our farm stands and Hannaford supper markets!

How it's made 

The cider starts from fresh pick apples all picked by hand. From the field they are sorted and washed and sent into the grinder. The ground apples are pumped over to our press where the cider is extracted with around 1,500 lbs of pressure. The cider then passes through our pasteurizer to make it ready for the bottle. Once pasteurized, the cider is bottle. Here at Randall Orchards We NEVER add preservatives. You will only get the freshest Maine apples have to offer. 

We accept cash, cards, checks (must have all information) 

$5.00 - Gallon 

$3.50 - 1/2 Gallon 

$2.50 - Quart 

Do you make hard cider at home? 

We are able to provide unpasteurized cider for your home brewing needs! We ask that you provide your own container with your name and number. Give us a call and we can make sure you get the freshest cider to suit your needs. 



Tel. (207)-642-3500

1 Randall Road,

Standish, ME 04084




7 days a week: 

9:00am - 4:00pm




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